Wereworld Fanart
Dynotaku's AnikaThis is about the best first fanpic I could have asked for. I fell in love with Anika all over again! ;) It was drawn by Dynotaku. One of the first people I met on the 'net beside Dizzy and whose art is dazzling.
Rhea's SteveThis is SO funny! That's pretty much how Steve is. I'D check out that bod too! ~_@ I love the background too. Nice coloring. This comes to us from Rhea of Tasha's World. We both started on Keenspace about the same time and cling together for support much like the last Rice Krispies in the milk.heh.
B.Richards Anika This super-sexy Anika comes to us from Benjamin Richards who does the madcool Dungeon Damage. You see what he's capable of here,so Go check this one out! Be patient if the images load a little slow. It is worth seeing and reading.
Kenly Sekuri's Anika This mega-cute Anika was done for me by Wereworld fan, and really cool person, Kenly Sekuri.
Uhright's SteveThis is a pretty cool pic of Steve doing what he does best...well, SECOND best,heh. By a WW fan goes by Uh Right. Thanks!
Gilda's AnikaThis great pic of Anika was done by the incomparable Gilda over at The Sinner Dragon. Great comic,great artist,great lady. You will bookmark her site and read the entire work NOW!
Corillion's SteveThis is just too cool! I, AND Steve feel like this much of the time. By the badass Corillion all the way from New Zealand! Thanks!
Erin's AnikaHere's another really cool pic of Anika. This one's from a new friend, Kirin. Thanks! She's got a lot of other neat stuff on her site,Worldsaga.
Graeme's AnikaThis guy,Graeme,I swear, he got a drawing bug one day and sent me a ton of art! He holds a few records now,including the most art I got from any one person,and the first to draw Blaze. What can I say? Thanks!
Graeme's topless Anika Here's the same drawing,only semi-nude!
Graeme's Blaze Another from Graeme, the first drawing anyone else besides me has done of Blaze! (that i know of)
Graeme's topless BlazeAnd here's the semi-nude version of that one...
Graeme's FenellaThis is a really cute one he did of Fenella, I had thought it was another first, but actually Dynotaku drew Fen first. After me. Um,yeah. Anyway, thanks again for all this,Graeme!
Anika SplitsHere's one Graeme did of Anika that took me long enough to get posted! Thanks G!
Anika PortraitAnd here's a nice little portrait of Anika again by Graeme.
Canis Lupus-Wereworld Crossover This is a mega-cute Wereworld/Canis Lupus crossover that Rabbie did for me from over at Canis Lupus. He's a madman hiding out somewhere in the Scottish highlands.
Nurse AnikaThis cute and beautifully colored Anika was sent to me by WW fan Cara at a time when I really sick and needed some cheering up. Anika in a nurse's outfit did the trick! Thanks Cara!
Carly's AnikaHere's a nice little Anika pic sent to my by WW reader Carly. Anika with more sensible hair. I like it! Thanks!
Carly's BlazeAnother one sent to me by Carly,this is a really cool artistic nude of Blaze. I love the whole composition of this one, the pose,expression,the wings. I think it would make a great tatoo. Hmmmm... Thanks again Carly!
Tom's AnikaIt has been so cool that a lot of my favorite artists on the web have sent me art of my characters. Now Tom Fischbach who does Two Kinds sent me a sketch of Anika! She is So. Damn. Cute. For a simple pencil sketch to radiate so much soft warmth, those bedroom eyes,her smile...I love it! Tom's one of those people that makes it look so easy it drives me insane! Heh. Thanks Tom!
Stonehawk's SteveThis really cool sketch of Steve was sent to me by Stonehawk months ago just before all hell broke loose in my life. I FINALLY got it posted here. Sorry it took me so long,man! I love it. You made Steve look REALLY bad-ass!
Zebra girl by KitiyThis is a great zebra-girl pic by Kitiy. Such a sweet look! Thanks!
Rann as a girlHere's a first, me as a girl! Thanks to Wukei over at Life For Death Still look badass.Rrrr.
Steve with Anika Also By Wukei.This is a nice one of Steve and Anika sharing a moment. She does great linework!
Cool Blaze Blaze really looks tough and sexy here. I envy Wukei's toes! Look at those toes! TOES!
Vic and Fen This one is so SWEET! Victoria and Fenella getting all cosy. Thanks Wukei!
Anika gets scratchies WW fan Gregory Gardner sent this one recently,Anika gettin' a nice sctatch,scratch from Steve. Purrr... Thanks!
Blaze by Andy OThis is a beautiful Blaze digital pic by Andy O. Thanks Andy! I know it took me long enough to get it here!