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It should be noted again that I,Rann, own All images on this website and reserve all rights to their reproduction unless otherwise noted by me. I don't care if you print something out to hang up,or use as wallpaper on your monitor,etc,but I better not ever get wind of my stuff being sold or characters ripped off. I LIKE court.
Happy AnniversaryA woman I know wanted me to do a sexy, furry anniversary card for her husband. This is the result. Colored pencil on index card.
Bedroom EyesJust a cute little catgirl with,uh,bedroom eyes.heh.
filly with toyA playful little filly ready for her girlfriend.
Gazelle and CatgirlThis is the first and only print I've done. It came out great on heavy stock paper and prints are for sale. Email me if you're interested.
Colored VersionI did this one in colored pencils before I sold it. I hope you can see it okay. I didn't save a bigger and better image before I sent it away. Dammit.
Handy TailI still like this one, pretty cute. Hogtied HorsegirlAll the horse girls are some of the last I did for FurBid before I started Wereworld. They were all good sellers and what I'd do if I still had time to DO auctions.
Chibi Joy!Have a copy of this one hanging by my drawing table. Cute.
Mistress Squeek & VictoriaWhat happens when the tables are turned!
Ready 4 BedDamn Sexy!
Ring Lover.....ker-blush,
Sandra BoundPeople REALLY fought over this one in the bidding.heh.
sleepy squirrel girlAww..she's so sleepy-sleepy.
String LoverI really like how the anatomy turned out on this one. Too bad the image isn't better.
TamaraFound the pose in a book and had to draw it my way.
tied upOkay,I like bondage art. But that's also what SOLD the best for me. Gotta go with what works.heh.
TonigrrlOooh! She looks frustrated. Just hope it's not with you!
VictoriaI like Victoria. I'll have to get her in Wereworld soon.
Victoria and SandraAhh..Victoria and Sandra. My two favorite models. Wouldn't mind being in tha middle of that! I like this one,odd that nobody bid on it. I still have it! Fine with me. Just goes to show how hard it is to predict what people will like!
zebra girl with oxpeckerI was pretty proud of this one,simple and cute. Bidding went crazy!
That's it for now! But I'll be digging through old stacks of drawings and exploring the nether regions of my harddrive off and on. Keep checking!